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New Roof Installation

Residential New Roof InstallationOne of the most important parts of your home is your roof. If your roof has issues, it can cause big problems inside your home. A roof that is leaking can cause damage and mold to areas of your home that you might not even notice. Whether your roof gets damaged or just wears out over time, at some point it is going to need replacement. That's when it's time to call the professionals at West KY Roofing. Our locally owned and operated company serves customers in Paducah and surrounding areas. We strive to do great work and provide you with excellent customer service.

Having a new roof installed by West KY Roofing will bring you some notable benefits. For one thing, it will help to ensure the investment in your home is protected. A new roof also will boost your curb appeal and increase the value of your home.

When you hire West KY Roofing for a residential roof installation, you can count on professionalism and quality. In addition to being experienced, well trained and certified, our roofers also are professional, friendly and relatable. And they install a high quality roofing system, that will last you for decades.

If your roof is damaged from a storm or is just nearing the end of its useful life, call the experts at West KY Roofing. Our locally and operated owned company serves homeowners in Paducah and surrounding areas. We strive to provide you with quality roofing services and excellent customer service.

We Recommend Certainteed Roofing Products


These traditional shingles offer affordable protection and durable value with curb appeal in mind.


For longevity with flair, these designer shingles combine timeless aesthetic with heavyweight construction.


These luxury shingles provide just that: style and grace from every angle. Your home becomes your castle with one of the heaviest shingles ever made, built to endure - and inspire compliment after compliment.

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